Sony High Density V-60H video tape digitised for Comhaltas

We were recently contacted by Frank Whelan of the Comhaltas Regional Resource Centre who wanted us to digitise a recording of the Fleadh Cheoil traditional music festival in Buncranna, Co. Donegal in 1975.

Frank sent us an EIAJ ½ inch video that was recorded on a Sony High Density V-60H video tape for Helican Scan Video Tape Recorder. The tape was suffering from binder hydrolysis (often referred to as sticky shed syndrome), so needed treatment before it could be played. The tape was incubated and cleaned before the digitisation process.

A Sony V-60H high density video tape

The recording contains fascinating footage of solo and group performers from the biggest traditional Irish musical festival in the world. The first Fleadh Cheoil took place in 1951 and has happened every year since. Comhaltas are currently collecting archive material for every year the festival was held in order to create a document for future generations. The digitised film will go towards an exhibition and will be stored in a research facility focused on Irish traditional music.

This is an excerpt of the film that Frank kindly said we could use on our site.


Joe target Rees

I have numerous 1/2″ V60H tapes and I need to get them in Quicktime files. How much to you charge per tape?

Joe target Rees
director LLC
PO Box 5151
Reno, Nevada

Frances Turnbull

We have two SONY V-60H tapes which, I think, my husband used in 1987 to capture our twin daughters’ christening. I wonder if it is possible to transfer them successfully to another format? It may not be possible and it may be prohibitively expensive but would appreciate your comments.

Thankyou for your comment, Frances – I’ve sent you an email.

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