To determine the best price for your digitisation project, we offer a FREE audio and video tape assessment service
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We accept payment by credit / debit card, cash, cheque or BACS.


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Due the unique nature of each transfer project, we’ve found that assessing tapes prior to confirming costs is the most accurate and fair method to provide the best value services for our clients.

  • Audio and video tape formats vary enormously, each with multiple and varying 'issues' and potential problems to solve for the best possible transfer.
  • Physical degradation, age and type of tape, as well as its playback and storage history, can significantly affect the processes required for restoration and high quality digitisation.
  • Duration is not always possible to determine ahead of playing a tape.
  • We offer a range of transfer methods and digital delivery outcomes, appropriate to each project.
  • Every tape, job and client is different, and we'd rather find out what you want from your tapes and offer a bespoke service.

For these reasons, our audio and video tape assessment service is FREE. It's also useful if you're unsure of the physical condition, running times, track formats or general content of your recordings.

If you wish to send us your tapes for assessment, please download and print our customer tape assessment sheet to include with your package.

For an introduction to our assessment and treatment processes, please see our guides to "what happens to your audio tape" and "what happens to your video tape".

For many types of tape we can be flexible on price, so give us a call on 0044 (0)117 985 0500 or CONTACT US via our online email contact form. We like talking tape!