audio on digital versatile disc (DVD)

Audio on DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-ROM, DVD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM discs
2 discs, one printed: imation DVD-R 4.7GB, the other showing shiny dark surface with rainbow-coloured reflections

Recordable Digital Versatile Discs, showing printed side and recordable side

introduction to audio on DVD transfer

As a born-digital format, recordings on DVD are best transferred at their native sample rate and bit depth.

We offer a range of delivery formats for our audio transfers. Following International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives TC-04 guidelines, we deliver high resolution Broadcast WAV files, together with MP3 audio file or audio CD listening versions. We're happy to create any other digital audio files, according to your needs.

We can provide the appropriately-sized USB delivery media for your files, or use media supplied by you, or deliver your files online. Files delivered on hard drive can be for any operating system - MacOS, Windows or GNU/Linux and filesystems (HFS+, NTFS or EXT3).

We assess DVDs for physical degradation before confirming the price of a transfer.

We offer free assessments please contact us to discuss your project.

Audio on DVD machines

Audio on DVD format variation

cylindrical stack of shiny purple DVDs

Stack of recordable DVDs

3 large silver-coloured computers with DVD-Rs loaded in their open disc drive trays

3 Mac Pro machines for DVD transfer

2 DVDs with rulers indicating 4 ¾ inch / 12 cm diameter each

Digital Versatile Disc dimensions: 4 ¾ inch / 12 cm diameter

Audio on DVD risks & vulnerabilities

Audio on DVD recording history