Discover more about our work and the fascinating world of tape preservation in the Greatbear tape blog; find out how and why we help archives digitise their audio and video magnetic tape collections; explore our selection of open access AV preservation info online; read about prices and payment and use our Greatbear audio & video media identification resource for detailed information on the many types of tape we can preserve & digitise.

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We love magnetic tape and the machines that play it. We're part of an international audio-visual media conservation community, and we're keen on sharing knowledge. Read the Greatbear tape blog here →

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Why digitise? Digitisation helps unlock the potential of magnetic tape collections by offering the double benefits of preservation and accessibility. Find our introduction to services for archivists here →


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Browse our hand-picked list of online resources for digital and audiovisual preservation knowledge here →

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To determine the best price for your digitisation project, we offer a FREE audio and video tape assessment service. Find out more about prices and payment here →

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To identify your tape, analogue or digital media, please browse the formats we digitise →  Here you will find easy access to pages with detailed information on every audio and video format we work with.