Tascam BR 20 reel to reel new in box (not for sale)

Tascam Br 20 reel to reel tape machine box

This is something you don’t see everyday! An almost unused and boxed 1/4″ 2 track reel to reel tape machine, a Tascam BR20 one of their highest quality machines sometimes installed with a Timecode head for broadcast and editing applications.

This machine somehow turned up at an IT Recycling centre in Essex but is now in much safer hands transferring tapes, in particular a very large archive of library music on 10.5″ NAB reels owned by Mood Media Ltd.

As you can see this machine is in its original box, with packaging and first look at the heads show almost no head wear but some nasty oxide that took a while to clean off.

This machine needed little work to bring it back to spec, a new capstan belt, pinch roller, tape tension and speed setting and a full calibration.
The capstan belt change is the subject of another blog post here..

Tascam BR 20 reel to reel tape recorder


Hello, what is the price

hi i am looking for a tascam br 20 if you still have the reel to reel i will be interested in buying it .

Hello, is the unit still for sale, any price for it?

Regards, Alain


the prise sending ont br20


Do you have a TAscam Br 20 new?

Fernando Alava Cano

Du you have a Tascam BR 20 new?

Hi i am looking for a tascam, prise pls…

Micah Morrison

How much are you asking for the reel to reel

Micah Morrison

I would like to know the price of the deck

I saw on the internet that you were looking for a Tascam BR 20, and i have one brand new, complete in it’s box.

Chris Pope

Hi Francois,

How much are you look to sell the unit for?



Micah Morrison

I would like to know the price for this unit

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