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SONY U-MATIC SERIES video editing equipment system complete package inclusive of:

1. One (1) Sony U-matic VO-9850 Videocassette editor/recorder with power supply cord and instruction manual.

2. One (1) Sony U-matic VO-9800 Videocassette player/recorder with power supply cord and instruction manual.

3. One (1) Sony BKU-705 Time Code Generator/Reader Board pre-installed in the VO-9850 unit for time code based-editing.

4. One (1) Sony RM-450 remote controller to control 9-pin remote connector capable VO-9800/VO-9850 series with power supply cord and instruction manual. The RM-450 remote controller is based on the industry standard RS-422 protocol series that can connect to and control any sophisticated video editing machine equipped with an RS-422 connectors.

5. Two (2) Sony RCC-5G 9-pin remote control cable connectors.

Editor system is perfect for migrating your massive library of U-matic format masters to any desired digital format.

Complete SONY U-MATIC SERIES editor package is NTSC US format 110 volts power and is guaranteed as NEW, NEVER USED and in original Sony box.

All packaged items are sold as is with no warranty at US$35,000.00 or PHP1,500,000.00 and are currently on stock in Makati. 

Payment by bank deposits only or by Paypal. Please call 632-8978742 / 63917-9260300 for more details.

Professional video experts know for a fact that the SONY U-Matic Series video editing equipment is robust, sturdy and a reliable workhorse editing platform that utilizes the 3/4 inch U-Matic format tape. The 3/4 inch U-Matic width as compared to the 1/2 inch tape width format is sturdier, far more reliable and less susceptible to tape snapping, or entangling during constant fast movement of tape transport function in editing modes.

If your editing work involves constant repetitive scene assemble edits, video/audio inserts, frame scene replacements and audio track dubbing, the U-Matic editor series is the perfect reliable editing system to count on for precision linear editing. U-Matic blank tapes are still available with Sony distributors.

We guarantee that the above mentioned equipment for sale are new and never used with zero hour usage on the counters.


We strongly advise buyer to visit these equipment here in Makati City, Philippines before purchasing to assure exceptional quality and status of equipment and for buyer's peace of mind. 

The cost of a round-trip ticket to the Philippines will enable the buyer to save on expensive shipping cost when these new equipments are picked up after thorough inspection and checked in together with buyer's return journey. 

Also, the prospect of a 3-day tour at your own expense to the beautiful tropical islands of the Philippines will do wonders for an unexpected bonus vacation.

Due to the total combined weight of around more or less 120 lbs of these equipment, we are unable to accept returns for these items. Video equipment moving parts are delicate and are also subject to high depreciation dependent on frequent usage. It is important that buyer takes actual delivery of video equipments in new and working condition. 

As video professionals ourselves, we put a premium as to the accurate status and quality of these equipments which we guarantee to be new, unused and in good working condition. Video and audio editing quality is excellent.

After payment and physical delivery, the care of such equipment is buyer's responsibility.

Expedited priority shipping cost of US$5,000.00 is also available via Federal Express and the tracking number will be emailed to you for monitoring of shipment. Arrival of shipment to your destination is dependent on delivery schedules of Federal Express. 

If you have any questions, kindly call us at 63917-9260300.

Thank you for viewing and purchasing our items.

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